The 7th China Charity Fair (CCF) will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from September 20th to 22nd, 2019 with the theme of “Better Life through Poverty Alleviation”. The pavilions include Poverty Alleviation Pavilion, Poverty Alleviation through Consumption Pavilion and the Public Interest Experience Pavilion .  

Poverty Alleviation Pavilion 

It includes three major exhibition areas, namely the Special Exhibition Area for Poverty-Stricken Areas, Exhibition Area for Corporate Poverty Alleviation and Exhibition Area for Social Organizations’ Poverty Alleviation. 

1. Special Exhibition Area for Poverty-Stricken Areas 

With needs of poverty-stricken areas such as “three regions and three prefectures” and special poverty groups in mind, this Area is to introduce unique resources, specific needs, special projects, poverty alleviation achievements of impoverished areas and their spirit to get rid of poverty and achieve improvement through release of demands, project roadshows, promotion of products and poverty alleviation travelling routes combined with local flavor. That is how we stimulate and mobilize social participation in poverty alleviation and promote resources of social charity to target at poverty-stricken areas precisely and effectively.

2. Exhibition Area for Corporate Poverty Alleviation 

This Area is to demonstrate state-owned enterprises and private enterprises’ action planning, typical cases and outstanding achievements in poverty alleviation and how they fulfill corporate social responsibility and support the development of charities.

3. Exhibition Area for Social Organizations’ Poverty Alleviation

This Area is to show the latest developments and innovative explorations of charitable forces to help reduce poverty, prevent returning to poverty and promote sustainable development in poverty-stricken areas. For example, what social organizations such as charitable organizations, volunteer services, and social work have achieved in poverty alleviation with focus on innovation projects, typical cases and characteristic achievements in reducing poverty in education, health, industry and employment, as well as applications of new charity technology and public interest technology products in poverty alleviation.

Poverty Alleviation through Consumption Pavilion 

This Pavilion is to promote products that help reduce poverty and advocate the concept of responsible consumption of such products and services as a way to help poverty alleviation through product exhibitions, on-site experience, road show promotion, etc.. Different places ‘products for helping poverty-stricken areas and people, including local agricultural and sideline products, traditional cultural derivatives from 832 poverty-stricken counties, will be arranged according to their provinces (municipalities), and so will the National Federation of Industry and Commerce’s  “Business to Help Village” (B2V)campaign and state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and other industrial poverty alleviation products. At the same time, we will broaden the sales channels for poverty alleviation products in poverty-stricken areas by introducing various channels of resources such as e-commerce platform and technical service providers and mobilizing recruitment of professional buyers to place order and support poverty alleviation products, and to make consumption drives industry and helps poverty alleviation a reality.  

 Public Interest Experience Pavilion

It includes Exhibition Area for Technical Charity, Ecological Charity, Social Service, Financial Charity and Social Innovation of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area. 

1. Exhibition Area for Technical Charity

This Area is to demonstrate technical public interest projects with inspiration, innovation, sightseeing, and significant social influence that could promote public interest means, create public interest modes, connect with social resources, improve public interest efficiency, and help special groups participate in social activities and create social value by utilizing emerging technology, big data analysis, and internet technology.

2. Exhibition Area for Financial Charity

This Area is to show and promote the advanced ideas and modes such as solving social issues by “charity + finance”, investment by social influence, social enterprises, public interest venture, and charity trust, and the public interest projects that could gain financial returns, produce active influence to the society and environment, and realize compatibility with commercial value and social value. 

3. Exhibition Area for Ecological Charity

This Area is to show and promote public interest projects that helps poverty-stricken areas implement and develop local resources and environmental advantages, and to demonstrate local industries that are closely integrated with ecological protection while implementing and with relatively stable market. 

4. Exhibition Area for Social Service

This Area is to introduce the organizations and projects providing social service, psychological assistance, and community support to public groups who are in difficulties, at the social margin, in vulnerable condition, or in troubles, in order to conclude the development and exploration of social organizations on the way to mobilize social resources, expand service space, participate in supply of government public service, and more targeted individual social service, and the new journey of social service by breaking through tradition and stepping in a diversified and innovative supply mode in recent years. 

5. Exhibition Area for Social Innovation of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area 

This Area is to show outstanding projects and innovations of enterprises and social organizations that provide social services, enhance people’s livelihood and welfare, participate in social governance, and promote the sustainable development of Great Bay Area. The aim is to promote Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao’s exchanges and cooperation in public interest and charity.