A closed-door summary meeting participated by experts and scholars of committees and responsible persons of various meetings was held to sum up and sort out the meeting sectors of the 7th CCF, and discuss the highlights and effects of meetings. At the closed-door summary meeting, participating experts proposed three suggestions: firstly, publish charity industry’s annual report and research achievements, or insightful judgments based on extensive research and data at the themed seminars to provide policy suggestions and references for decision-making level in charity development, and thus improve the depth of the international public welfare seminar. Secondly, pay attention to top-level design and division of works to enhance coordinated efforts, break the current pattern of individual and independent efforts in the world’s charity field, and pave a new path for charity development in China. Thirdly, improve the popularity of the Fair and expand its impacts on different online and offline groups to encourage more people to observe and reach public welfare projects and products.