Closely adhered to the theme of poverty alleviation, the 7th CCF organized 9 subtopic seminars attracting over 200 domestic and foreign experts and scholars in poverty reduction and alleviation to share the Chinese practices in poverty alleviation and experiences in global poverty reduction. Firstly, through the “Corporate Targeted Poverty Alleviation Summit Forum”, “Individual Help-seeking and Charity Fundraising Seminar”, “Social Forces Boost Poverty Alleviation Communication and Training Seminar” and “Social Organizations Boost Poverty Alleviation and Create a Better Life Together Seminar”, the Fair discussed the paths and directions in which charity forces including enterprises, individuals and social organizations participating in poverty alleviation in depth. Secondly, through the “Problems and Trends of Charity Assets Management Seminar”, “Poverty Alleviation through Technologies Seminar” and “Poverty Alleviation through Media Public Welfare Seminar”, the participants shared and communicated about the new technologies, new approaches and new means for poverty alleviation, and discussed about the problems and solutions in the marketization and informatization of charity from the perspectives of charitable finance, tech for social good and media communication and more. Thirdly, through the "Second Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Poverty Alleviation Practice and Exploration & Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Exchange Seminar" and "Social Poverty Alleviation China Exploration Seminar", participants summarized and refined more typical projects, practical experience and innovative mechanisms to explore the roles, participating mechanisms and mode exploration of social forces in helping poverty alleviation, preventing return-to-poverty and promoting the sustainable development of poverty-stricken areas, aiming to guide the poverty alleviation efforts in deeply poverty-stricken areas.