1. The Seventh CCF Exhibition Pavilion

Poverty Alleviation Theme Exhibition Pavilion: Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition Pavilion of Poverty Relief through Consumption: Hall 5, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Public Welfare Experience Pavilion: Hall 6, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

2. Opening Time

10:00-17:00, September 20th 

9:00-17:00, September 21st-22nd

3. Entry

CCF is free to the public. Participating units, conference attendants, visitors and staffs can enter the exhibition halls with the tickets to Seventh China Charity Fair (including the guest cards, participating unit's cards, work permits, electronic tickets via registration) and ID card after security check. 

4. Requirements for entry

1) No ticket of the Seventh China Charity Fair could be for sale;

2) Please accept the security check according to requirements before entry, and no dangerous items or illegal items are allowed in the hall;  

3) No smoking or open fire is allowed in the hall;

4) Please take care of the exhibits during visiting, otherwise, the liability for any damage would be on your own count; 

5) Children, senior people, people with difficulty in moving, etc. should be accompanied and enter the hall with tickets.

5. Parking

During the China Charity Fair, any vehicle with Motor Vehicle Pass special for the Seventh China Charity Fair can park in the parking lot of the Convention and Exhibition Center via designated route; any vehicle without pass is not allowed to park in, instead please park it in any parking lots nearby.