CCF Provides 260 volunteers for Translation and Interpretation for First Time
發表日期:2015-09-09 17:29:30


TAS trains volunteers for CCF on public benefit. (Reporter Luo Liqiong from Shenzhen Special Zone Daily and Photograph Correspondent Pan Jin) 

Shenzhen Special Zone Daily (Reporter Luo Liqiong) -- Want to communicate freely with foreigners coming from overseas? So easy! The reporter learnt from the Organizing Committee of the 4th CCF (China Charity Fair) yesterday that this Session of CCF allocates 260 volunteers in translation and interpretation to provide to the participating citizens the service of translation and interpretation free of charge for the first time.  

As is known, the 4th CCF would enhance the capability of holding a fair internationally. For the first time, the TAS (Translation Association of Shenzhen)takes part in the 4th CCF as the “professional team of translation and interpretation service”. The TAS has totally recruited 260 qualified volunteers for translation and interpretation from translation industry, social translators and interpreters and some domestic institutions of higher learning and international schools, mainly including the volunteers in English language and 20 volunteers in Japanese language as well. The training has been carried out in batches. The TAS regularly provides the volunteers the training in translation and interpretation on public benefit free of charge, and invites the experts in such fields to teach the volunteers on the spot the skills of interpretation and lets them to realize the CCF ahead of schedule.  

During the period of CCF, the foreign guests will be companied by the volunteers on one-to-one basis. In addition, some of the volunteers will move around on the scene of exhibition to provide temporary service for interpretation. On the occasion, the volunteers will put on black clothes. Any citizen or institution participating in the fair, if needing temporary on-the-spot interpretation service, can ask the volunteers in black clothes for help. It is reported that through recruiting volunteers in translation and interpretation this time, the TAS has built up, for the public benefit circle in Shenzhen, a group of volunteers in translation and interpretation with Shenzhen characteristics and localization.