CCF Waits for Your “Silent Auction”-- Become a philanthropist by just lifting a finger
發表日期:2015-08-14 17:26:08

Did you ever notice that every September in recent years, there is always a beautiful butterfly rising and dancing in the South China Sea. She jitters her wings and continuously triggers the “Butterfly Effect” in charity community. Her name is “Shan Shan”. (It means goodness and kind-hearted in Chinese language.) She is the mascot of China Charity Fair (the CCF). 

The CCF is the platform to exchange, communicate and transact for the excellent social organizations, social responsibility enterprises and charity talents, as well as the sole state-level, comprehensive and internationalized fair in Chinese charity community. Through the development of the previous three sessions, the CCF has become the bottomland of flows of ideas, talents, projects and capital of the charity cause, and the wind vane of charity industry in China as well. 

The 4th CCF is scheduled to open at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on September 18, 2015. Now she is approaching us with a more beautiful posture. The CCF adds “Charity Fair” additionally, specially providing transaction platform to individuals, enterprises and social organizations, so to let the idle items, enterprise’s charity commodities and social organization’s charity products with the use value and collection value to be auctioned or sold for charity purpose. 

In order to let more people have an opportunity to participate, the “Charity Fair” sets up “Silent Auction” particularly, where there is neither any auctioneer with a gavel, nor any bidding sound as one falls while another rises. If you participate, what you have is only a table before each item. If you prefer, you can write down and fill in the table your name and telephone number and your bid. After the CCF closes, you will own this item only if your bid is the highest. 

This is not only the platform where you find a new partner for your beloved item, but also a brand-new experience in charity. The “Silent Auction” will record the track of delivering your beloved item, and witness the story of love and charity. 

No matter whether you’re an individual or an enterprise or a social organization or not, if you intend to take part in the “Charity Fair” activity in the 4th CCF, please contact us since today till September 10, and send us by mail your charity commodity, charity product or individual’s idle item with use value and collection value, we will classify and display them in the “Charity Fair” to seek for its new warm-hearted partner. 

Please mail to: The CCF Organization Committee Office at 14/F, Building B, Zhongmin Times Plaza, Sungang Road (E) 

Contact: HUANG Haorui 

Telephone: 13726296977

The CCF Organization Committee Office